Make Your Entryway More Welcoming in a Few Easy Steps

Many people focus on decorating the kitchen and the living room, as the focal points of their homes. That means that they take meticulous care to decorate those rooms in a way that reflects their personalities and desires.

However, whether you like it or not, it is the entryway that is the focus of the first impression of people who visit your home. After all, it is the first room they will see. That’s why we asked our partners at The Lock Boss to share some ideas on improving the look and feel of your entryway.

Paint in Warm Colors

Probably the first thing most people see is the general picture, an oerview of the room. In order to maximize the good first impression, you should paint your entryway in a warm and soothing color.

Some interior designers and decorators suggest going with neutral colors such as beige or Dutch chocolate or taupe, both considered warm shades of brown. However, if you are making a statement, or you want to incorporate your entryway into the larger ensemble, you can add more bold colors or even patterns.

Choose a Good Carpet or a Runner

Walls are important, but they are just half the story. The floor can be equally important in leaving a good impression, especially if it really pops.

In order to make your floor truly stand out, simple hardwood or tiled floor typically aren’t enough – you will need proper floor covering. Many people shy away from carpeting the whole entryway area, particularly because it can be a nightmare to keep clean. That’s why professional carpet cleaners such as Emerald Carpet Cleaning exist.

If you don’t want a full covering carpet, you may opt for a rug or a runner. Runners are particularly interesting to people who have small entryways because they add an appearance of size.

Consider Replacing Your Door

The one thing that people are going to see even before they enter your home is your front door. You may even say that the front door is the face of your home. If your door is old and not good looking, chances are that people will make assumptions even before they see your home.

Finding a reliable locksmith in Dublin to replace your door can be fairly simple – the internet can be a great resource, and there is enough choice for any taste and pocket. All you need to do is find your own.

Sitting Area & Storage

So far, most of these tips were largely decorative and served very little practical purpose. However, if you want your entryway to look good and have a useful application, consider adding a sitting area. Depending on the size of your entryway, that can be as small as a folding stool, or as big as a pair of armchairs or a bench.

Not only will it give a nice cozy detail to your entryway, but it will also be very useful to your guests when they put on or take off shoes.

If you combine sitting area with the storage area, perhaps by having sitting ottomans with storage space in them, or a bench with a hidden storage box under the seating area – you will combine the usefulness with aesthetics. With a couple of throw pillows or a quilt, you can create a nice little welcoming area for your guests.

Light Fixtures

You’ve probably heard the opinions of interior designers who say that no light is better than natural light. Even though this is largely true, if your entryway doesn’t have too much natural light, or at night, you will need to use artificial lighting.

Make sure to have warm, natural-looking lightbulbs instead of harsh neon light, it just feels more welcoming. The type of lighting fixture really depends on the theme you have chosen for your entryway and home – you can go from ultra-modern, multi-bulb LED fixtures to antique-looking chandeliers.

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