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Looking to inject a new ease of life into a dull, dirty piece of furniture? Then you need the upholstery cleaning Dublin relies on. Then we are the people you need to call. We have extremely affordable upholstery cleaning prices and the very best professional upholstery cleaner techs. It doesn’t matter what the material is nor how big or small your piece of furniture is. We have the necessary tools, systems and knowledge to get the job done to the highest standards, quickly and easily. Don’t throw out that couch, sofa or armchair until you’ve seen us work our magic.

Our trained technician will analyse your furniture to decide on the best course of action for your sofa cleaning. A small, unseen section of the material will be tested to guarantee that the proposed method is safe. Just like when cleaning carpets, when cleaning a rug a thorough pretreatment phase is required. This dislodges any dirt or soil held deep in the fibres. Afterwards the fabric is rinsed with a PH neutral solution to remove any remaining dirt and remove any sticky residue left over from the detergent. Drying time varies but usually takes between 5-10 hours. The final touch is to use a powerful but gentle deodorising agent is used to remove any remaining odours and leave behind a fresh smelling scent.

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Here’s Why You Must Hire Us Today!

  • Award winning company
  • Our reputation is unmatched
  • Unique 12 step ‘Soft and Shiny’ upholstery restoration system
  • Fully trained and insured professional upholstery cleaners
  • Commercial grade cleaning equipment
  • All technicians are vetted and background checked
  • 7 days a week service
  • €1.6 million full liability insurance cover

200% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you’re not 100% satisfied with your professional upholstery cleaning we will re-clean those areas for free. In the highly unlikely event you’re still not satisfied we guarantee you a 100% refund!

Get a price and book online in just minutes and have your upholstery looking brand new and smelling fresh again.

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We’ll Get You Results Just Like These

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Look at Our Happy Customers!

happy customer rebecca
Rebecca Fahy5 star rated
“I had my couch cleaned by Emerald Carpet Cleaning. They were very communicative, they were punctual and the result of the couch was excellent. Amazing value for the result.”
satisfied client oliver
Oliver Fay5 star rated
“Their website and customer management is head and shoulders above a lot of Irish companies. Cleaners care about ensuring they don’t damage your carpets. Will use again.”
5 star review zia
Zia Reddy5 star rated
“Everything was an absolute breeze with Emerald Carpet Cleaning. They were friendly, professional, and our sofa is as good as new. Thank you for a great experience.”

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Eco-Friendly and Safe for your Children and Pets

safe pets kids eco friendly solutions

Non-toxic for humans and pets

Non-toxic to aquatic life

We take safety very seriously and so our cleaning solutions are 100% safe for your kids and pets alike.

  • 100% biodegradable – Renewable and sustainable material sources
  • Our products are anti-viral & anti-bacterial
  • They’re also non-caustic, non-flammable, non-fuming, non-hazardous and non-polluting

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Our Unique 12 Step Stubborn Stain Solution

Step 1


Our highly skilled technician will check your carpets and give you an outline of expected results and the time it will take.

Step 2

Rotary Vacuum

Our industrial-strength rotary vacuums are powerful but safe on all carpets and will remove dirt, dust and debris.

Step 3

Stubborn Stain Solution

If you have a stubborn stain, our highly experienced techs will know which of our many solutions to use for best results.

Step 4


We use a tough on dirt, but gentle on carpets, pretreatment formula that can handle even the toughest of stains.

Step 5


Most companies skip this as the machines cost €2500! But it’s the difference between okay and fantastic results.

Step 6

Soil Extraction and Rinse

Our highly skilled techs will use top of the range dirt-destroying, hot water extraction machines to eliminate dirt and grime.

Step 7

Neutralise Odours

We gently apply a mildly acidic solution to prevent stickiness, keep your carpets soft and stop future staining.

Step 8

Super Fast Fan Drying

Your carpets, rugs and upholstery can be walked or sat on in 15 minutes. The secret is using many powerful fans.

Step 9

Stubborn Stain Removal

Sometimes a stain requires further treatment and another deep extraction rinse. We won’t stop until the stain is gone!

Step 10

Carpet Protection

For future stain prevention we use a top quality carpet protection spray. This keeps your carpets cleaner for much longer.

Step 11

Post Grooming

We use commercial-grade carpet groomer to ensure that your carpet fibres stand tall and feel soft and fluffy under your feet.

Step 12

Post Inspection

Finally you can enjoy your fresh smelling, soft and shiny carpets. Our tech will inspect everything and will stay until you’re happy!

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Why Are We the Best Upholstery Cleaner

Leather is a great fabric because it is long lasting and spills can be wiped off with relative ease. However if it is not properly taken care of, the leather can lose its softness, become dried out and eventually crack. The most effective method is usually just to clean it by hand. Many well-meaning people will buy conditioners to try and rejuvenate their leather furniture but while these can work in the short term. In the long term they can accelerate the deterioration of the fabric. Effective leather upholstery cleaner agents are very expensive and usually only available to commercial companies like us and they need to be applied by hand using a microfiber cloth. For the very best results a special coat of protective sealant needs to be applied immediately afterwards. This will keep the leather looking shiny and feeling supple, which will greatly expand its lifespan. Future stains will also be easier to remove.

If you go to the trouble of having your upholstery professionally cleaned then you should always apply a final protective coat. Scotchgard is a powerful stain and water repellent that can be used on any fabrics, rugs and carpets. It forms a shield around the fibers of any fabric that prevents any spills from going deep into the fibres. Your furniture will be significantly more stain resistant and will end up lasting much longer too.

Upholstery Stain Removal With Hot Water Extraction

When a sofa starts to look dull and dingy your first reaction is to think about replacing it. But a cleaning from a specialist Dublin carpet cleaning service like Emerald Carpet Cleaning Dublin can make it look brand new again and save you fortune in the process. We have provided this service to hundreds of clients over the years and we’ve never failed to put a smile on their faces. The processes we use for this service are the same as the ones highlighted at the top of this page. If you need your armchair or sofa upholstery cleaned then we are your #1 choice. Our technicians are better trained, more experienced and are provided with better equipment than any of our competitors. The material doesn’t matter and the type of stain doesn’t matter either. Our hot water extraction carpet cleaning machines can remove any stain imaginable, no matter how serious.

Natural Fibers: Sourced from animals and plants. More delicate and expensive.

Examples: Linen, silk, wool, leather, cotton

Synthetic Fibers: Man-made with a strong ability to resist stains.

Examples: Acrylic, vinyl, nylon, microfiber, polyester, faux leather, chenille, olefin and velvet upholstery cleaning.

Furniture: Dining and living room chairs, love seats, chaise lounges, sofas, couches, settees, armchairs, recliners, ottomans, office chairs and more.

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“Communication, fair pricing and honesty are the three cornerstones of our company. We aim to WOW all of our clients with excellent service at surprisingly affordable rates.”

Oisin McHale

Emerald Carpet Cleaning, Managing Director


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    Cleaning Upholstery and Furniture FAQ

    Should I Rent a Home Upholstery Cleaner Machine or Hire a Professional?

    Unfortunately, the machines that you can buy or rent are usually low powered and cheap and as a result don’t clean very well. Our machines cost in excess of €10,000 which is one the reasons our results are superior. However it isn’t just about the machine. Our technicians have years of knowledge that ensures they use the correct detergents and control settings not only to get perfect results but to make sure that your upholstery doesn’t get damaged. We are often able to get rid of particularly stubborn stains that other companies couldn’t remove, because we had specialised knowledge of sofa cleaning and knew the correct method to use. Finally, our upholstery cleaning machines have powerful vacuums which suck the water from the fabric allowing your furniture to dry much faster. This is why we’re the sofa cleaning Dublin relies on.

    How Often Should I Clean my Upholstery?

    It is wise to vacuum your upholstery at regular intervals. As for how often you might need a professional upholstery steam cleaning in Dublin, this will depend on how regularly the piece of furniture gets used. The typical recommendation is once per year, with many of our clients opting for 6 monthly intervals instead. If you have uncaged pets in your home though, we strongly recommend hiring an expert upholstery cleaner every 3 months. This will keep allergens at bay and ensure that your air quality stays high.

    Can I Clean my Upholstery With a Carpet and Upholstery Steam Cleaner?

    Our commercial grade steam cleaning machines are the perfect solution to restoring drab and dreary upholstery back to its former glory. If you are concerned about damage then you should be aware that there are controls which allow our techs to control the water temperature and flow, thus allowing us to keep your fabrics safe. We would strongly advise against using cheap machines or hiring out a machine to use yourself.

    What is the Best Steam Cleaner for Upholstery?

    The best equipment to use is hot water extraction carpet and upholstery cleaning machines. However these machines are extremely expensive and many sofa cleaning companies simply don’t have the money to invest. Thankfully, at Emerald Carpet Cleaning we spare absolutely no expense and have invested heavily in the very best quality equipment on the market. Our commercial-grade tools and machines are powerful but safe. They remove stains, dirt and other soiling, with complete ease.

    What is the Best Upholstery Fabric?

    There are many different thing to consider such as whether you have children, pets, how often your sofa and couches get used, whether anyone in your suffers from allergies or how much maintenance you are willing to accept. The two main fibers are natural and synthetic fibers. For stain resistance and durability you usually want to go with man-made materials such as polyester, nylon and vinyl.

    In Dublin County Who Is Able to Provide Top Class Upholstery Cleaning Services Near Me?

    It can be tricky to find sofa and couch upholstery cleaning pros that have the necessary experience to perform an excellent job every time. However here at Emerald Carpet Cleaning we only hire the very best technicians. We also conduct regular training to keep our skills tip top. At times when new and improved methods, equipment or upholstery fabric cleaner detergents enter the market, we make it a point to learn about them and apply them as necessary in our own business. Emerald Carpet Cleaning Dublin offers the finest couch and sofa cleaning services in the Dublin area and premium-quality and professional drapes and curtain cleaners in Dublin.

    So it doesn’t matter if you are living in the city center near The Dublin Spire, on the very outskirts of North Dublin or residing in the south in Ranelagh or Killiney, we are definitely the best carpet and upholstery cleaner near you. Call us on 01 254 9747 or email us today and let us show you what we can do for you.

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