Maintaining Leather Upholstery: What Not to Do

Making the right moves when cleaning and conditioning leather furniture is crucial in having it last long and look good at all times. There’s little to worry about when you schedule a professional leather couch cleaning in Dublin, but even then, knowing the material well is key to extending your furniture’s life.

Read on to learn what can destroy leather and what mistakes to avoid when conducting a DIY cleaning session.

What will ruin leather? 

Leather is one of the longest lasting materials when it comes to furniture upholstery, however, it’s not indestructible. Knowing its weak spots is key to extending its life and appearance. Read on to learn what they are.

Overexposure to sunlight

Direct sunlight is detrimental to your leather furniture’s colour. Leaving your favourite piece in a place constantly exposed to it will make the colour gradually fade. Not only that, sunlight can also dry out leather and make it crack. To make sure this doesn’t happen, always place your leather furniture out of direct sunlight. 

Oversaturation with water

Water usually doesn’t suffice for cleaning deeper stains and dirt. In fact, it can even push the stains deeper into the upholstery. Moreover, oversaturating your leather upholstery with water can leave stains, and even promote mould growth. If you want to dust your leather couch, you can do so gently with a thoroughly wrung damp microfiber cloth, always allowing it enough time to air dry away from direct sunlight.

What are the don’ts in leather cleaning?

If you’ve set your mind to cleaning your leather couch at home, here’s what you should avoid:

Exposure to heat in order to dry it

Heat dries out leather too quickly and causes it to crack. If you’ve spilled something liquid on your leather couch, don’t try to dry it by adding heat. To deal with the mess, blot out excess moisture and allow your leather furniture to air dry in a well ventilated part of your home. 

Not cleaning stains immediately

Leather is more resilient to staining than fabric upholstery, but this is only true if you treat stains as soon as they happen. For fresh spills, sometimes even dry blotting is enough to remove spillage before it actually stains the leather. Getting ingrained dirt out of your leather couch can be more difficult and may require you to do it several times.

Using harsh chemicals to clean it

Using common household cleaners on leather surfaces is not always a good idea. Leather is a porous material that absorbs moisture and oils as well as harsh soaps and detergents. Some of these can cause staining, as well as dry out the leather and cause it to crack. So, before reaching for just any cleaning agent, make sure it’s leather friendly and in line with your manufacturer’s recommendations. 

Not spot-testing cleaning products before using them

Even when using a cleaner specifically designed for leather, it’s highly advisable to test it before applying it to your furniture. To see the effects and prevent the product from ruining your leather, dab a small amount of it on an inconspicuous part of your furniture, such as a small corner in the back of the piece. 

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