How to Know if You Have Bed Bugs and How to Get Rid of Them

The number one problem that people worry about concerning their mattresses is that they will become infested with bed bugs. Thankfully, bed bugs are not as much of a problem now as they were a few years ago, but they are still something that people need to be aware of and need to know how to deal with.

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Bed bugs are spreading across Dublin

These are email insects that climb into warm, dark places and take up residence there. They may hide in your couch, car seat, stroller or carpet, but they are most notorious for hiding in mattresses.

The mattress is the ideal place for bed bugs to take up residence because it gives them access to what they feed off of- human blood. If that sounds like something out of a horror movie, then now you know why people are so scared of them.

Their dietary habits are not the only reason to fear bed bugs, though. They are also incredibly hard to get rid of.

Just because you kill the bed bugs you see, that doesn’t mean that you got all of them. Since they hide in out-of- the-way spots, they are difficult to completely eliminate. They also lay lots of little eggs that may be tough to find and eliminate.

Even worse, they are incredibly resistant, and spraying pesticides and bug spray often doesn’t do the trick. Those sprays cannot usually penetrate where the bed bugs have their nest and eggs, so they may not be bothered by all your spraying and fumigating.

Even taking away their food supply can cause them few problems. That’s because the average bed bug can go for up to a year without feeding.

They will start feeding again when you return, but if you think you are going to starve them to death, then you are in for a nasty surprise.

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How to know if you have bed bugs in your mattress?

You will probably feel bed bugs long before you see them. They are small and only tend to come out at night, so your first indication that you have them will likely be the bites on your legs. Some people mistake these for spider bites, friction burns and other common foot problems, but if there are lots of small bites, then you can be sure that bed bugs are involved. Spiders usually only bite once, after all.

It will help to know what kind of bed bugs you have. There are a few different varieties, and the most common ones tend to house themselves almost completely in your mattress or around the bed. Other types of bed bugs are more spread out, and you may have to do a more thorough search to remove them.

You can look for bed bugs under the lip of your mattress. That’s were they are most likely to be hiding. They can be black, grey, light brown or reddish, and their eggs will usually be white or black. The eggs can be all different sizes and may look like a fungal growth because there are so many of them.

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Is it okay to steam clean a mattress?

Now, we come to the important part- how to deal with these pests. Steam cleaning your mattress is perfectly fine and an excellent option. A lot of people will try to clean their mattress themselves and get rid of the bed bugs without professional help, but that’s not good idea.

Yes, you can get rid of most of the bed bugs by washing the mattress and other affected materials in hot water. You need to look everywhere, particularly in places that have fabric on them. For instance, taking the fabric off the baby’s car seat and washing it in hot water will get rid of most of the bed bugs there, but you still need to look at the seat itself to see if anything is stuck to it.

Some people go more extreme and burn their mattress and anything else they find with bed bugs on it. That’s a surefire way to kill what’s there, but you don’t really know how far they have spread until you do a thorough search. You may never find all the eggs, though.

How to know if you have bed bugs in your mattressRemember that fumigating, no matter how strong the chemical, may not be enough to kill these critters. They are very resilient and hide in places that fumes have a tough time reaching.

Your best bet is to call in the exterminator to get rid of them for you, but unfortunately, even that may not be enough to fully remove the pests.

Exterminators run into the same problems as you would. Yes, they have more powerful cleaning chemicals to get mattress stains out, but they still have trouble getting those chemicals into out-of- the-way places. They a spray chemicals in each spot the bed bugs may be, but that’s incredibly time intensive and costly.

They also have trouble finding all the places the bed bugs are hiding. There is an endless number of possible hiding spots for the bugs, and even if you get rid of the bugs entirely there is still the matter of the eggs. These too are hardy like the fully-grown bugs, and they often need to be physically destroyed to really get rid of them.

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Your best bet is to find an exterminator that has experience with bed bugs. They know where to look for them and how to deal with them. You can also use some personal eradication methods. Washing most items in hot water will be enough to kill the bugs and eggs, but it needs to be very hot water. You can do some extermination yourself, but be sure to air out the mattress and the room afterwards.

Your best option will always be to call in professional to deal with the issue, but even then, the bugs may come back to bother you. Be sure to choose an exterminator that offers a free callback if you see the bugs again once the extermination service has been carried out.


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