What You Need to Know About Carpet Steam Cleaning

Need expert carpet and upholstery cleaning in Dublin to breathe new life into your residence? Then learn a few carpet steam cleaning basics and get to know how to pick the best cleaning company.

Very soon, you’ll have a sparkling, perfectly hygienic home for your and your family’s enjoyment. Get rid of hazardous dirt and germs, give a fresh new look to your house and provide full safety and comfort to the whole family.

What is carpet steam cleaning?how to prepare for carpet cleaning

You may have heard of steam cleaning as one of the most commonly used carpet cleaning methods. It involves using a specialised machine to apply vapourised water onto carpeting. 

When the vapour hits the carpet, it dislodges the dirt stuck in its deeper layers. Next, your cleaning team will use dry steam to collect and remove the debri from between the fibres. 

So, steam cleaning provides a deep, thorough clean. Once the carpet dries after it’s cleaned, you’ll be amazed. Before you know it, you’ll have a soft, shining carpet to marvel at.

How to prepare for carpet cleaning?

An expert cleaning team will go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction and give you a superb customer experience. They’ll use the best professional Dublin carpet cleaning machines to make your carpeting spic and span. To get ready for their arrival, it’s generally advisable to take a few easy steps.

Before the day of the cleaning

  • Collect your belongings, such as children’s toys, from the floor 
  • Move the furniture that could get in the way of cleaning
  • Protect fragile items, such as those made of porcelain and glass, by putting them away safely
  • Vacuum the carpets and rugs to stir the particles of dirt, so they can be cleaned more efficiently
  • Roll up or take down curtains that reach the floor so they don’t get wet

On the day of the cleaning

  • Tell your cleaning techs which areas they need to clean
  • Inform the cleaning crew if there are certain stains that require special attention
  • Let them know what caused the stain to help them treat it in the best possible way

These are some tips that can ensure the full success of carpet cleaning. Also, it’s always a good idea to ask your cleaning crew if there’s anything else you could do to prepare. 

how to pretreat carpet stains before steam cleaningHow to pretreat carpet stains before steam cleaning?

It’s hard to preserve carpet cleanliness in high frequency spaces, but it’s essential if you want to protect your loved ones against harmful bacteria. In order to achieve premium cleaning results, do your best to pretreat the carpet in question, with a special focus on stubborn stains.

To make sure the steam clean goes smoothly, first vacuum your carpets. This will loosen up the debris that’s lodged deep between the fibres and improve cleaning success. In addition, apply a pretreatment solution to aid cleaning later on, particularly in places with stains.

First-rate cleaners offer pretreatment services too, so ask for them when you’re scheduling a cleaning. When a trained cleaner performs the service, you can rest assured you’ll get a perfectly hygienic outcome in line with the Department of Health guidelines. They’ll breathe new life into your carpeting!

Where to find the most reliable cleaning services in Dublin?

If your carpet’s been looking drab, hire #1 cleaning services to revamp it. Book premium upholstery cleaning in Dublin to have soft, plush furniture to rest on. 

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