How to Get Rid of Pet Stains on Your Carpet

Are you among those who couldn’t live without their four-legged friends? Pets are beloved family members and a great source of joy. However, the presence of pets in the house can also cause a host of problems. Pet owners know how difficult it can be to keep the home neat and tidy. From pet hair to unpleasant odours, there is always a lot to handle.

Carpets and rugs are especially prone to soiling and tricky to maintain. Now you can say goodbye to stubborn stains that cover your carpets by hiring local carpet cleaning services. Your carpeting will be as good as new, freshly scented and without any traces of dirt.

How do I keep my carpet clean with pets?How do I keep my carpet clean with pets

With pets around, your carpets are under constant threat of muddy paw transfer, urine spots and pet hair accumulation. However, regular disinfecting works wonders. Your house can be a pet playground as well as a perfectly manicured living space. Here is how to achieve it:

  • Clean your pets: Wash your pets regularly and wipe their paws every time they go outdoors.
  • Vacuum often: Regular vacuuming will reduce pet hair accumulation.
  • Toilet train the pets: With toilet trained pets, there’s a lower chance of accidents that might stain carpets.
  • Take care of stains right away: When you notice an unwanted spot somewhere on the carpeting, treat it immediately. By blotting stains as soon as you see them, you’ll prevent them from drying and penetrating deeper into the fibres.
  • Try baking soda: Sprinkle it to remove light staining and fight bad smells.
  • Book professional carpet cleaning: None of the other cleaning methods can substitute for expert deep cleaning. A crew of specialist cleaners will know  the best way to deep clean carpets.

How do you get dried dog urine out of carpet?

Dog urine stains can be particularly troublesome because they emit a pungent odour. If the spot is fresh, it can be removed quite easily by sprinkling baking soda on top, leaving it to absorb the dampness and the smell, and subsequently vacuuming it.

However, if the stain has been setting for a while, removing it can be a tall order. Never use ammonia-based cleaners to treat dog urine. Instead, try creating your own homemade cleaning agent. Mix equal parts of vinegar and alcohol and spray the mixture on the stain. Let it sink into the fibres for 15 minutes, then rinse.

Learn how long coronavirus stays on carpets for.

How do you get old pet urine smell out of carpet?How do you get old pet urine smell out of carpet

Sometimes, even when the stain is gone, the smell lingers on. Put a stop to it by using another coat of baking soda or your DIY cleaning agent. You can also try applying a pet odour blocker that you can buy in many shops. Before opting for a commercial cleaning agent, check out the ingredient data sheets guide by the Health and Safety Authority.

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