What You Need to Know about Carpet Disinfection

Your home should be your retreat, the place where you feel the most comfortable. But what if your new carpets are under threat of dangerous pathogens? In these uncertain times, most homeowners scramble to disinfect their houses the best they can in order to preserve the health of their family. Carpets in particular are a problem zone in most homes because they tend to absorb dirt and bacteria.

To put a stop to the accumulation of germs on your carpeting, you’ll be in need of useful tips for carpet disinfection. Also, a reputable cleaning company can provide some of the best carpet cleaning in Dublin. Regular carpet sanitisation will keep the bacteria and viruses away. Then you can be absolutely safe and carefree when you relax at home.

Can you spray disinfectant on carpet?

When it comes to carpet cleaning, many questions usually crop up. For example, homeowners wonder how to deodorize a carpet as well as what disinfectant to use on it. These few tips on disinfecting your carpets will come in handy when you decide to tackle your household pathogens:

  • Choose the right cleaning solution: Opt for a disinfectant approved by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine. Make sure they are fit for use on porous surfaces. You can then spray them on your carpet to kill germs.
  • Use a natural option: You can spray white vinegar or sprinkle baking soda or Borax on your carpet to help sanitise it. These cleaning agents are particularly handy because most people already have them at home.
  • Steam clean your carpeting: Steam cleaning is the most effective technique for completely annihilating the germs that inhabit your carpet. You could try DIY steam cleaning by buying a steam cleaner and operating it yourself. However, steam cleaning is the most successful when it’s performed by a team of professional technicians who are trained to clean wool.

How often should carpets be disinfected?

In general, it’s advisable to clean and disinfect your carpet professionally once a year. However, the exact frequency of the cleaning and disinfection of your carpets depends on several factors. Also, with the outbreak of COVID-19, the need for disinfection of all household items has grown dramatically. Here are a few things which you should bear in mind when deciding how often to have your carpet disinfected:

  • What’s the location of your carpet? Carpets in high-traffic areas of the house need more care, especially if you or your guests wear shoes inside the house. When buying a brand new carpet for this area of your home, opt for an easy-to-clean, low-maintenance carpet material and color.
  • Does anyone in your house have allergies? Allergy-sufferers and people with respiratory issues need to put an extra bit of effort into home hygiene.
  • Is anyone in your household ill? If you’ve been in contact with someone who is infected with COVID-19 or another infectious disease, disinfect your surfaces, including carpets. However, the good news is that the virus’s lifespan is shorter on porous surfaces, such as upholstery and carpets.
  • Are there pets in the house? Pets are notorious for damaging and soiling carpets, so pay close attention to yours if you have pets around.

Just make sure you soften and dry the carpet afterwards.

Which cleaning company offers the absolute best carpet cleaning in Dublin?

How Often Should Carpets Be Disinfected?Are you looking for dependable cleaning techs that always go above and beyond to perform successful disinfection? Then you should reach out to Emerald Carpet Cleaning, a service that promises customers perfect cleanliness. With us, your germ-free carpet will regain its old shine.

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