What To Do After Carpet Cleaning

Your carpeting’s been looking dull and grey, so maybe it’s time to give it a cleansing treatment and return it to its past glory.

After you’ve found a 5-star rated carpet cleaning company, now you’re wondering what to do with a freshly cleaned carpet. How can you best take care of it in the hours and days after the cleaning? How should you dry it and soften it? And how can you make sure it stays pristine for as long as possible?

When you book reliable carpet cleaning in Dublin, you can depend on your expert cleaners to give you advice on the aftercare and maintenance of the carpet. Also, it helps to do your research in advance, find out what you’re supposed to do to after the cleaning is done and get ready for it.

How to soften a carpet after cleaning?

Nobody likes a stiff, crusty carpet. This is usually the results of detergent and soap residue that stays behind after the cleaning. So, how can you prevent it from happening?

  • Use a fabric softener: If you’re cleaning the carpet yourself, it would be a good idea to spray a mixture of water and fabric softener onto the carpet once you’ve finished cleaning it. Rub it in and rinse. It will soften your carpet just as it does your other fabrics. It’s inexpensive, practical and can be made at home easily!
  • Apply vinegar: Another low-cost option for those cleaning on their own is a mixture of water and vinegar. The acidity of the vinegar will neutralise the high pH left by a strong cleansing solution, which in turn will make your carpet soft again.
  • Hire a professional: Carpet steam cleaning is one of the most common and most effective methods used by professional cleaners. It means detergent is first applied onto the carpeting. Then, carpet cleaning machines pump water into the carpet and subsequently extract it along with the dirt. Qualified cleaners make sure that they minimize detergent residue that might stiffen the carpet, so you’re left with soft, plush one.

How to dry a carpet after cleaning?

Steam cleaning is a deep cleaning method, which eliminates all traces of germs and dirt. You should definitely opt for it if you wish your carpet to be thoroughly sanitised. However, since water is an essential part of steam cleaning, the carpeting always remains wet for a while afterwards. So, what is the safest, surest way to get rid of the moisture?

  • Turn on the air-conditioner: It will get the air flowing, enabling the drying process to last shorter.
  • Open the windows: Same as air-conditioning, this will get the dampness out more quickly.
  • Get a professional drying: Cleaning techs can blow-dry your carpet in no time with the use of specialised fans.

How long after carpet cleaning to put furniture back?

Don’t be in a hurry to walk on the carpet or put furniture back in place especially after removing a a pet stain. Doing so prematurely might ruin the results of the cleaning because wet fabric absorbs dirt more readily.

Overall, you’ll have to wait for at least 5 to 10 hours before your carpet is completely dry. Don’t place heavy furniture before 24 hours have passed, just to be sure. If you’ve decided to put some new furniture in, consult My Waste organisation on how to dispose of your old furniture in an eco-friendly way.

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