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Great customer service with excellent results. Your team did a wonderful job on my living room carpet and upholstery. The large stain by the fireplace came out completely. I have no problem recommending your carpet cleaning services. Thank you.

Rita Murray, Ranelagh

We Can Clean Stains Off Any Mattress and Eliminate Mites and Bacteria

You spend the vast majority of your life sleeping and thus spend a huge chunk of your day in bed. So why is it that so few people get their mattress cleaned regularly? It’s recommended to have a professional company clean your mattress once every 12 months to clean mattress stains and remove bacteria and other nasties.

We personally believe that we provide the best service for this in all of Dublin City.

Our strong but family-safe chemical agents don’t just remove stains and odours but actually kill all types of bacteria, mould and living organisms such as mites. Over the years we have developed a reputation as a top mattress cleaner and this is backed up by the countless positive reviews we have gathered from our clients all across Dublin City and county. Not only that but a large percentage of our clients are repeat clients who end up recommending us to friends and family.

Our process for deodorising and sanitizing your mattress is simple but powerful.

Commercial Grade Vacuuming - First your mattress gets inspected to see any areas that will require special attention. Our high powered vacuums will suck a large amount of dust and debris from your mattress. We suck up much more than a regular home vacuum could, due to how powerful our equipment is.

Remove Bacteria – We get rid of germs and allergens from deep in the mattress using an eco-friendly and family-safe mattress disinfectant.

Hot Water Extraction – This is easily the best way to clean a mattress. Our powerful cleaning machines deep clean the mattress fibres removing any smells, sanitizing it completely and also removing any stubborn stains. This is the step that turns your dirty unsanitary mattress into a fresh smelling, stain, dust and allergen-free one.

Spray Anti-Bacterial Solution - To clean a mattress professionally and properly so that it stays bacteria-free into the future we spray a special formulation onto the surface. This is also eco-friendly, non-toxic and certified pet and kid safe. This specially formulated anti-bacterial solution to rid your bed of anything which may harm your health.

Deodorise - A potent deodoriser finishes the process and freshens your mattress leaving it looking and smelling brand new.

Why Choose Emerald Carpet Cleaning?

Our phone lines are open from 8AM to 8PM Monday to Sunday and our cheerful, knowledgeable staff are always on hand to answer any questions, give you a price or help book you in. Give them a call on 01 234 5678.

Sleeping on a newly steam cleaned mattress is amazing. It’s just like new. And with our affordable rates, there is really no excuse to sleep on that dingy mattress any longer! A word of warning though. Please be careful using any methods or home-made cleaning products that you find on the internet to wash a mattress yourself. Often they are not properly tested and can end up either damaging or discolouration your mattress or making the stain even worse and harder for us to remove!


How Long Does a Mattress Cleaning Usually Take?

Due to our training program, our experts are able to complete a single mattress in as little as 20 minutes. A double mattress will take around 30 minutes or so. As for how long you will need to wait until you can sleep on it again? You are going to need to wait between 4-6 hours depending on the type of mattress and the air flow in the room.

What is the Typical Mattress Cleaning Price?

To get an accurate price you can visit our mattress price calculator online. The usual prices are €40 for one side of single mattress, €50 for both sides, €50 for one side of double mattress and €70 for both sides. King size mattress are a bit more work and thus are a tad more expensive, coming in at €55 for one side and €75 for both sides.

How Often Should You Get a Mattress Cleaning?

You use your mattress every day and are probably sleeping on it for around 8 hours a night. We recommend that you get a deep cleaning done at least every 6 months if not more often that. Mattresses gather lots of dust and soil from dead skin cells that fall off your skin. Mattresses also absorb sweat and other oils from your skin. Dust mites love to live here too. A professional mattress cleaning service will eliminate all of these instantly.

On a monthly basis you should be vacuuming your mattresses to remove dust from the surface.

Can You Clean Urine From a Mattress?

Yes absolutely. There really isn’t anything that can’t be cleaned from a mattress when using a high powered commercial grade hot water extraction machine! Allergens, mites, stains, smells, mould spores and every other type of dust and debris can be thoroughly washed out. So for us to remove a urine stain from mattress is very quick and easy.

What Company are The Best Mattress Cleaning Near Me in Dublin?

When looking to get mattresses deep cleaned the only people to call are Emerald Carpet Cleaning Dublin. Our experts take immense pride in their work and always pay attention to even the smallest details. No matter what your cleaning needs are we can take care of you.

If you need high quality carpet cleaning solutions or want to show some love to your precious leather furniture then email or call us now.

Our area of operation is vast, stretching from the very far north right down to the very far south of Dublin. Maybe you live near Blanchardstown Shopping Centre or maybe you are near Dun Laoghaire in the south. It really makes no difference. When you combine our affordable prices with our professional, hard-working staff, you have an unbeatable combination. Call us right now and get your mattress cleaned quickly and easily.

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