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Great customer service with excellent results. Your team did a wonderful job on my living room carpet and upholstery. The large stain by the fireplace came out completely. I have no problem recommending your carpet cleaning services. Thank you.

Rita Murray, Ranelagh

Emerald Carpet Cleaning: Curtain Washing Service

Grimy curtains can make a once vibrant room, dull and depressing. It happens quite slowly and you don’t often realise that your once white drapes are now off-white and even grey or black in the corners and along the top. Besides being unsightly there are some serious health concerns to be aware of. The air quality in your home starts to drop as more dust is trapped. Not to mention the allergens, bacteria and microorganisms that can begin to thrive. Mould is another major concern as the side effect of mould growth can include fatigue, depression, severe headaches and even breathing difficulties.

Our drapery cleaning technicians will inspect your curtains to identify the fabric and where the worst stains are. They will be vacuumed thoroughly on a low setting to avoid any damage or fraying. Then a pretreatment solution will be used to free up soil and dirt. Then they’ll be gently washed to rinse off any remaining dirt and detergent. Finally a protective layer will be sprayed over the entire surface.

To increase the life of your curtains, prevent sun damage by using net curtains, shades or blinds to deflect sunlight and vacuum them at least once every 4 weeks. Our guarantee is the best of any other drape or curtain cleaning service in Dublin city or county. If you are not 100% happy with the results of your curtain cleaning we will send out another technician to fix the situation ASAP. If you are still not happy we give you a 100% on the spot refund, with absolutely no questions asked.

Why Should You Steam Clean Curtains?

One major issue with curtains is that although they can seem clean on the surface, they can still be home to a large amount of debris, allergens, dust and other airborne pollutants. Or if you have pets in your home they can hold pet hair and other dander. It’s imperative that you get them regularly cleaned so that you can maintain a high level of air quality in your home. Your drapes or curtains are often a focal point of a room, introducing colour and various patterns that can really brighten up a room. But over time they can become dull and lifeless. They start to turn a darker colour, quite clearly from dust and other dirt.

We always recommended that you vacuum your drapes carefully once a month to keep the worst of the dust and other air pollutants away. But this is usually not enough on its own. Without a professional curtain cleaning service they can eventually become so worn out that you need to replace them entirely. Our hot water extraction machines don’t just clean deep into the fibres, but they are also incredibly safe on your delicate curtain material. In fact our cleaning process will prolong the life of your curtains!

For maximum results we also suggest cleaning net curtains and windowpanes and sills too. Mould and mildew is prone to form and grow in the corners of glass panes, due to the condensation that can build up.

Emerald Protects Your Drapes

It’s important that the professional drapery cleaning service you hire understands the differences between all of the various types of curtain material that exist. Thankfully, each of our curtain experts has the proper knowledge and experience to clean all types of fabrics with zero risk of damage.

In some cases your curtains can be machine washed. But other more expensive materials will require dry cleaning or professional deep steam cleaning. It’s important to note that the lining is often made from a different material and can be quite sensitive to heat. If you use the wrong methods or cleaning products on the curtain or its lining, they can shrink causing your curtains to not hang properly afterwards and appear twisted. Drapes with tassels and crystals also need professional attention as they are delicate and can be damaged easily if the proper care is not taken.

When is the Best Time to Get Professional Curtain Cleaning?

Spring is the best time to steam curtains. This is because the amount of pollen in the air is much higher than normal. It blows into your home through open doors and windows and gets caught easily in your curtains and other fabrics such as carpets, rugs and upholstery. This can then cause certain health problems to be become more severe such as asthma or allergies. Drapes are also more prone to getting stained than some other fabrics because oils from your skin get transferred onto their surface as you open and close them every day and night. Over time this oil can cause unsightly stains, especially on white fabrics. Whatsmore this oil makes dust and other dander stick more readily to the fibres and this specific dust usually can’t be removed by vacuuming alone.


What is a Typical Curtain Cleaning Cost?

The price you will pay for curtain cleaning will depend on the type of fabric to be cleaned and how large they are. For an accurate price please call or email our support team on 01 254 9747 and they will be able to help you.

Can You Clean Sheer Curtains and Linen Curtains?

Due to the training that our techs receive they can clean stains and odours from any and all types of curtain and drapes. Not only that but they have the necessary experience to not cause any damage to your precious fabrics.

What Company Should I Call For The Best Curtain Cleaning Near Me?

If you are searching for the “best drapery cleaners service near me”, then you’ve landed on the right page!

We ensure perfect results every time by using best in class, commercial grade steam cleaner for curtains and upholstery, that are far superior to anything in the stores. They cost over €10,000 euro each and require specific knowledge to use correctly and get best results. Our teams are reliable and can be depended on to serve you no matter where you are located. Maybe you desire some expert cleaners for your leather sofa in Santry or are seeking help with getting a mattress cleaned and deodorisednear Dundrum? It’s all the same to us! We will still arrive and do our very best work for you.

So if you want Emerald Carpet Cleaning to take care of your carpet and curtain cleaning and get rid of all the mould spores, dirt, debris, dust mites, pollen and dander then call us today to learn more about our curtain cleaning prices.

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