5 Curtain Washing Tips: How to Keep Your Curtains Spotless

Curtains are a major part of any room they’re in. In addition to contributing to the décor, they also help with heat retention and enable you to control how much light gets in the room without having to shut yourself in by lowering the blinds. 

Depending on the size of your windows, the curtains may even be the third-largest surface in the room, right after the walls and the floor. For this reason, ensuring your curtains are clean and smell good is vital. But what’s the best way to do this?

We previously discussed the different methods used in curtain cleaning and gave you a step-by-step guide on how to clean curtains like a professional curtain washing service in Dublin does. Now we’ll expand on this topic by providing you with a list of 5 time-tested tips for keeping your curtains fresh and stain-free all year long. Read on.

What’s the most effective way to wash curtains?

How often do you need to wash your curtains

First, check the label on your drapes. It should contain manufacturer-recommended guidelines (such as the correct washer temperature) for proper washing. Needless to say, you should never put your curtains in the washing machine if the label advises against it. 

Here are 5 tried-and-true curtain washing tips:

  • Tip #1: Don’t wash curtains in a full washing machine, as this will cause them to get excessively creasy. 
  • Tip #2: If your drapes are coloured, make sure to put a colour catcher in the machine.
  • Tip #3: Use the curtain washing programme if your washing machine has one. Otherwise, use 30 degrees Celsius and a delicate cycle when washing cotton curtains. 
  • Tip #4: To avoid musty smells or mould growths, always line dry your drapes on a sunny day.
  • Tip #5: If you decide to iron your curtains, make sure to set a low temperature and refrain from using the steam feature. 
  • Tip #6: Clean your curtains with a steam cleaner.

How often do you need to wash your curtains?

It depends on the type of curtains you have and the area you live in. As a rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to wash your shower curtain liner at least once every 3 months, and your window drapes or curtains bi-annually. 

If an accident, cigarette smoke, or dust buildup causes your curtains to become stained and discoloured, it’s generally a good idea to give them a good washing or have them washed by a trusted curtain cleaning company ASAP. This will keep the stains from becoming deeply ingrained in the fabric.

Click here for our handy curtain cleaning guide.

Can you hang curtains up wet?

Yes and no. If your curtains are dripping wet, you should let them dry out or put them in the dryer for a bit. Wait until they’re slightly damp before hanging them back on the rods. The additional weight provided by the moisture in the fabric will cause them to straighten out and prevent shrinkage.

After hanging damp curtains, avoid opening windows and dusting, vacuuming, or otherwise cleaning the area. If you do, there’s a significant chance that all the dust and dirt in the air will stick onto the damp fabric and create stains. Wait until the curtains are completely dry before doing any cleaning or airing the space. 

Where can I book a superb curtain washing service in Dublin?

Can you hang curtains up wet

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