How Do I Take Care of a New Carpet

A carefully picked out carpet is a cherry on top to a well furnished home. Whether it’s made of natural or synthetic fibre, it adds warmth and style to any room. However, carpet shopping can be tricky because of a wide range of materials, colours and prices available. So, when you invest into new carpeting for your home, you want to make sure it stands the test of time. 

Your carpeting will only stay spotless and hygienic if you learn how to look after a newly cleaned carpet. You’ll realise that it’s simpler than you think and it really pays off. With proper care, the carpet will last longer and the health of your family will be protected. If you’re unsure of how to go about it yourself, you can hire one of the trustworthy Dublin carpet cleaning companies to skillfully tend to your carpeting.

How do you care for a brand new carpet?

When a brand new carpet takes centre stage in your living space, it’s hard to believe that it can become stained and dirty in a matter of weeks. A shiny new carpet looks wonderful, but it won’t keep its looks and fresh scent for long if it’s not meticulously cleaned with a proper machine. Here are the best tips for handling its upkeep:

  • Research what carpet colour and material are the best for maintenance to decide which carpet to buy
  • Vacuum at least two times a week to remove surface dirt
  • Take your shoes off at the door instead of walking all over the carpet in them 
  • Place rugs over the parts of the carpet that get the most foot traffic
  • Apply a carpet protector spray to protect against staining
  • React fast when staining occurs 
  • Hire a team of trained carpet cleaning professionals

Although following these guidelines might be demanding, it is worth it because it will increase your carpet’s lifespan. Keep up with other commonly asked carpet maintenance questions, such as why your carpet might have a bad odour after cleaning or if a disinfectant can be applied on a carpet.

How often should a new carpet be vacuumed?

You can vacuum your carpet immediately after it is laid. Most new carpets will shed some short fibres, which you need to remove by vacuuming. Otherwise, they will be rubbed into the carpet as you step on it and potentially cause matting. Don’t worry about this shedding because it won’t influence the integrity of your carpet.

Afterwards, you can continue vacuuming regularly, at least twice each week. Carpets are made to withstand vacuuming, so don’t worry that you’ll inflict damage on them. If you put off vacuuming, you let dirt stay on the carpet, which promotes the accumulation of bacteria and dust mites.

Which of the top-rated Dublin carpet cleaning companies should I hire?

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control and other health authorities advocate for hygienic practices in order to curb the spread of COVID-19, as well as other pathogens. Expert cleaning technicians at Emerald Carpet Cleaning have plenty of experience in annihilating these health hazards from your carpeting. We employ a 10-step cleaning process to ensure outstanding results.

If you’ve just bought new carpeting but don’t feel confident about maintaining it on your own, let our team do it while you take a stroll in Bushy Park. Reaching out to us is easy – simply use phone, email or live chat to schedule a carpet cleaning appointment and we’ll soon be there to take out stains and kill germs efficiently. This means you’ll cut costs as you won’t have to replace your carpet any time soon. Give your carpet the treatment it deserves!

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