How Much Does it Cost to Have a Rug Professionally Cleaned?

If you hire a company to carry out a professional company to make your rug spotless then it will certainly not be cheap, but it will be well worth it.

The prices of course can vary greatly. There are many factors that effect the price including the size of the rug, the specific material it’s made from and how badly soiled it is. A home visit is usually the best way to get an accurate price.

Many homeowners see their rugs as investments. They put a lot of money into buying a rug and having it installed, and now they want it to last them for a while. That’s understandable, and if you like your rug and want to get the most life out of it that you possibly can, then you need to know a few things. It’s not enough to simply vacuum it once in while or sweep it off and hope for the best. There are some important facts about rug care that everyone should know if they want to prolong the lifespan.

One of the biggest things that destroys a rug is friction. Just because it looks clean, that does not mean that it isn’t home to a lot of dust and dirt particles deep down. You can’t see what is damaging it just by looking at the surface, especially if you have a thick rug.

Can you get rugs cleaned?

Whenever you have grainy particles or hard pieces off something stuck in your rug, it has the potential to create friction damage. When someone walks across it and they step on a piece of dirt, rock, or anything hard in the rug, they are forcing that particle down against the fibres. That creates a force known as friction that tears at the material. It won’t make a huge tear right away, but it will wear down the rug over time, and you need to be aware of this problem.

You can eliminate the issue by cleaning it on a regular basis. It’s easy enough to get out most particles on your own that would cause serious friction damage. Simply sweeping or vacuuming will get rid of most of them.

how much does it cost to have a rug professionally cleaned

You do need to clean as soon as it becomes dirty, though. The longer people are allowed walk on the rug when it has something inside it, the more damage they will cause.

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How do you clean a fluffy rug?

Mould can destroy your fluffy rug over time, and it feeds off specific material. You need to keep it clean. We explain how. It will grow larger and spread thanks to the presence of food and water. If your rug becomes wet, then the invisible mould spores that are floating through the air may start to take root and begin spreading through it. They will eat away at the fibres and make it look worn and ragged over time. It takes mold a while to do visible damage, but mould is very hard to get out and kill completely. It often requires a professional cleaning company to fully remove the mould and ensure it doesn’t come back. Most conventional rug cleaning companies will simply make the mould go dormant, and it will return later to continue damaging your rug.”

How do you shampoo a rug?

There are lots of cleaners available for your rug, but not all of them are going to be compatible with the type you have. You may have dye in your rug that will bleach out when you apply some cleaning solution it. Or your material may be too delicate for the average cleaner. You want to choose a cleaner that is made for your specific type.

You can take precautions by researching any cleaner you buy and finding out if it is going to harm your rug. The labels on the back of the cleaner won’t always tell you whether that cleaning agent is going to be too rough or not. If you visit the cleaning company’s website, you may find out more information. You can also ask a rug cleaning professional which cleaning method to use.

How do you clean a rug without a steam cleaner?

Another great way to protect your rug from abrasive cleaners is to spot check it. That means that you find a corner or a part that is covered by furniture and spray little of the carpet cleaner there. Any part of the rug that isn’t going to be visible for most people will do.

Allow the cleaning solution to sit there for a while before using it anywhere else.

Once you have allowed it to seep in, clean it up completely and see if there is any damage. You are looking for discoloration, fibre damage and any other sign that the cleaner may be too abrasive.

This is very important for homemade cleaners, as they are not necessarily designed for every type of rug. Doing a spot check only takes a few minutes and it can save you from having a ruined rug.

But for those that have pets or lots of kids running around, they are going to be much dirtier, much faster. This is true of a rug that is installed into a business as well, where there is lots of foot traffic. The more traffic and dirt your rug has to deal with, the more often you need to have it professionally cleaned. It should not be necessary to clean it more than three or four times a year, but the amount of traffic it experiences will determine the frequency at which it needs to be cleaned.

Professional rug cleaners in Dublin at your service

The best way to protect your persian rug is to clean it yourself regularly. However, you also need to have it cleaned professionally from time to time. For most rugs that are in your home, it is fine to have them thoroughly and professionally cleaned once a year. That’s going to be enough for most households.

Spend the afternoon walking around St. Stephens Green and enjoying the sights. Then return after your rugs have been professionally cleaned by our trusted experts at Emerald Carpet Cleaning.

You can get lots of value out of your rug, but you have to take care of it. Follow the tips we have listed to ensure a long life and to keep it looking its best for a long time to come. Also, determine if your rug has any special cleaning needs. Some will require specialised cleaning or shampooing to keep them looking great, so don’t neglect yours.

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