How to Clean a Persian Rug?

Persian rugs are items of incredible beauty that can lift the appearance of any interior, especially when used on hardwood floors. From the craftsmanship that goes into making one to the intricate detailing and lively colours that they feature, there are many reasons why Persian rugs are many homeowners’ favourites. However, just like every other kind of rug, they tend to get dirty and stained over time.

When your oriental rug starts looking dull and scruffy, you’ll need to get it back in shape. Learn everything about the proper technique to clean your Persian rug to avoid damage and discolouration. Get in touch with a dependable carpet cleaning service that will take care of your Persian rugs professionally and skillfully.

Can Persian rugs be cleaned?Can Persian rugs be cleaned

The simple answer is: yes, they can and should be cleaned as often as any other Oriental rug or carpet. However, oriental rugs are usually made from natural materials, including wool, silk and cotton. Also, they have bright colouring that can easily fade. For these reasons, these pieces can be easily destroyed by overly aggressive cleaning. When thinking about giving your rug a makeover, consider the following:

  • What not to do: People sometimes hail vinegar as a cure-all for all types of staining. If you shy away from using vinegar to eliminate carpet stains on your Persian rug, you are right. The acidic nature of vinegar can make some staining worse. Also, steer clear of harsh cleaning agents which can ruin the rug for good, as well as DIY steam cleaning.
  • Handwashing: This method is gentle enough to ensure the carpet’s longevity. It includes vacuuming, brushing the rug on both sides with a mixture of water and mild dish detergent and letting it dry. However, if done improperly by amateurs, there is a chance this method can make the colours bleed and ruin the carpet for good.
  • Professional rug cleaning: Due to your rugs’ sensitivity, the best way to ensure they’ll be treated in a skilled and delicate manner is to book expert services. Top-notch cleaning pays off because your rug will be bright, hygienic and it will stay that way longer and you don’t need a rug shampooer for this.

How often should Persian rugs be cleanedHow often should Persian rugs be cleaned?

Even with regular vacuuming, Persian rugs will become dirty. As a rule of thumb, they should be professionally deep cleaned annually or even more frequently. Only a skilled cleaning specialist will know how to clean your rug without compromising its integrity.

There is a simple technique to figure out whether it’s time to give your trustworthy carpet cleaning service a call. To check if your rug requires cleaning, try rubbing an area of the rug with your hand for about 20 seconds. If you can see a lot of dust particles emerging as you do so, you would be best advised to book expert cleaning as soon as possible.

Which expert carpet cleaning service in Dublin should I trust?

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