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Emerald Carpet Cleaning in Dun Laoghaire is the most trusted name in the regional carpet cleaning business. Since opening our doors, we have consistently provided customers with a meticulous and thorough cleaning that leaves their homes and businesses looking better than ever. Some of our customers say ours is the only rug cleaning service they will ever use!

Dublin’s Premium Grade Carpet Cleaning Company

When people walk across your carpets over and over, the fibres can trap dust or dirt, and accumulations grow in time. You’re left with unsightly spots or stains. Your carpet can also be a source of potential allergens for family members or employees.

Make sure your residential or commercial carpet is as clean as it was the day you bought it. Emerald Carpet Cleaning in Dublin can do precisely that. We offer comprehensive cleaning services that refresh and revitalize nylon, synthetic, Oriental, and woven carpets alike.

Get Your Rugs Cleaned and Have Them Looking and Smelling Brand New

Rugs can be a tricky business to clean. Because of the diverse array of fibres and various dying processes, every rug demands a different cleaning treatment. When you need a seasoned professional to handle the complexities of cleaning your rugs, Emerald Carpet Cleaning is here to help.

We revitalize rugs without damaging the colours or composition. Our talented team of technicians can eliminate any lingering dirt, debris, and odours. Plus, our non-toxic cleaning solutions are safe for you, your rug, your family, and your pets.

Upholstery Cleaners – Remove Stains and Smells

If you thought carpets were complicated, upholstery cleaning takes things to a whole new level. The endless types of fabrics demand the utmost precision and expertise when it comes to effective and efficient cleaning. Emerald Carpet Cleaning is confident that we can tackle any task you have, even silk, satin, or suede.

Our technicians use different techniques depending on whether you need a sofa, armchair, ottoman, or couch cleaning. We can address stains at the source without sacrificing the quality of the materials. Our team also offers mattress cleaning and curtain cleaning.

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Call Emerald Carpet Cleaning Right Now!

First and foremost, Emerald Carpet Cleaning in Dun Laoghaire works to earn the trust of each client. We take time to listen and understand your needs so that we can do our job better. Plus, we offer a 100 per cent customer satisfaction guarantee to ensure you will love what we do to your carpets and upholstery.

Second, we have some of the most experienced technicians in the industry. Thanks to decades of collective expertise, there is probably no problem or issue that we haven’t already seen. What’s more, our new hires go through extensive training before going into the field, so they can hit the ground running.

Finally, we offer a rich portfolio of services that our technicians can tailor to your specifications. Our goal is to provide you with maximum cleaning service with minimum prices. We want you to get the most out of your investment every time!

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