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It doesn’t take long for people to see why Emerald Carpet Cleaning in South Dublin is the No. 1 carpet cleaning service in the area. Since we opened our doors, we have been industry leaders in craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. We take pride in finding innovative solutions and consistently going above and beyond your expectations.

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Get Stains and Odours Removed With Our Carpet Cleaning Service

Our thoroughness in cleaning your carpets is second to none. Our technicians will begin by meeting with you to listen and understand your objectives for the job. Then, before we even get to the treatment, we do a series of inspections, brushing, vacuuming, grooming, and pre-spraying.

When it’s time to clean, we use a robust steam cleaning extraction method thank digs deep to remove stains. Our technicians spray cleaning solution and water into the carpet fibre to loosen debris. They then use suction to remove water and dirt from the carpet while minimizing dampness.

Rug Cleaning While You Wait

Emerald Carpet Cleaning in South Dublin is equally diligent about rug cleaning. Our No. 1 priority is customer satisfaction, so we inspect rugs thoroughly before cleaning them. We will use solutions and shampoos to break the bonds grime has on your rug fibres.

Once Emerald Carpet Cleaning finishes cleaning, we make one final inspection to double-check our work. This inspection ensures that no spot goes untreated. Our technicians can also provide deodorizing and enzyme treatments (that traditional cleaning cannot remove) to eliminate any funky odours from your rug.

5 Star Upholstery Cleaning Service

Our professional upholstery cleaning team can handle whatever you throw at us. That includes silk, synthetic, chenille, cotton, and leather surfaces. With each job, our technicians will inspect your furniture thoroughly before developing and implementing a cleaning plan.

We look at the stains, structure, fibres, and composition of materials to diagnosis the appropriate solution. Then, we can act swiftly when it comes to performing the cleaning. By the time we finish, you’ll have upholstery that’s rejuvenated to like-new conditions.

Call Us Today for a Perfect Solution to Your Carpet Issues

There are thousands of reasons that people choose Emerald Carpet Cleaning in South Dublin. One of the primary reasons, though, is our unflappable desire for 100 per cent customer satisfaction. We do everything in our power to make sure that you love the way the final product looks every time.

Emerald Carpet Cleaning is also versatile. While we are probably best known for our carpet and rug cleaning services, we are versatile, too. We have the expertise and insight to tackle chair, comforter, and curtain cleaning. We can even clean your mattresses, too!

Finally, we pride ourselves on developing and maintaining a transparent relationship with our customers. We want you to rest assured, knowing that our technicians will keep you in the loop throughout every step of the cleaning process. You’ll know when we make changes to a plan, where we are in the process … oh, and when to celebrate the results!

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