Nobody Can Match The Quality of Our Carpet Cleaning in Rathfarnham

Welcome to Emerald Carpet Cleaning. Since opening our doors, we have worked hard to establish ourselves as the No. 1 service for carpet cleaners in Rathfarnham. We understand that messes happen, even in the most well-prepared households. When they do, our team will be there to clean up the aftermath.

When you hire the carpet cleaning experts at Emerald Carpet Cleaning, you get a 100 per cent satisfaction guarantee. Our professional cleaners will restore your floors, rugs, and upholstery to like-new conditions. It is why some say we’re the only carpet cleaning in Rathfarnham that they will ever use!

All Types of Carpets Cleaned

Oriental. Persian. Modern. Antique. Emerald Carpet Cleaning offers carpet cleaning at good prices for all these carpet types and more. No matter the materials, we have the insight and expertise to restore your carpet to its former elegance. Our technicians even use pH solutions to treat different materials, especially ones with delicate threads.

Each one of our staff members goes through rigorous training before going into the field. This education gives them the skills and knowledge they need to handle whatever carpet cleaning issues they encounter. Even if you have fine silk rugs, Emerald Carpet Cleaning can take care of them for you.

Upholstery Cleaning – Sofas, Couches and Furniture Cleaning Service

Emerald Carpet Cleaning specializes in upholstery cleaning in Rathfarnham. Our team can eliminate years of accumulation of grit and grime. Our safe and straightforward methods will revitalize your sofas, armchairs, and ottomans in a matter of hours.

Our couch-cleaning techniques run parallel to those for carpets. We use a wet and dry process to remove any visible or hard-to-reach stains. Our technicians have the right tools to handle delicate and synthetic furniture, too, so you are covered no matter what type of upholstery you own. We even offer curtain cleaning to restore any eyesores lurking around your windows.

rug mattress sofa furniture cleaners in rathfarnham

We Clean Your Rugs Quickly and Easily

Emerald Carpet Cleaning uses the most advanced techniques to remove stains, odours, and spots from commercial and residential rugs. You can choose from dry and wet cleaning services. For instance, if your rug has delicate fabrics, we would recommend dry cleaning, which is the gentler of the two.

Wet cleaning, on the other hand, injects water and cleaning solution deep into the carpet fibres. This initial step makes it easier to loosen and remove stains, whether they are from coffee, chocolate, or clogged threads. These high-quality techniques will pay dividends when it comes to extending the integrity of your carpets.

Mattress an Curtain Cleaning Service in Rathfarnham

A great night’s sleep is one of the prime ways to boost your health. Of course, having bacteria and bed bugs on your mattress won’t allow you that rest. Get a great night’s sleep with the professional-grade mattress cleaning services from Emerald Carpet Cleaning.

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The goal of Emerald Carpet Cleaning is to provide you with reliable house and carpet cleaning in Rathfarnham at an affordable price. We strive to transform homes into the cleanest and most comfortable versions of themselves. For freshness you have to see to believe, call us today.

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