4 Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning Your Mattress

The fact that people spend almost a third of their lives in bed makes this area of their home particularly prone to collecting all kinds of dirt and potentially harmful microorganisms. Having this in mind, the best way to make sure your bed is a safe and healthy sleeping environment is to contact an expert mattress cleaning service in Dublin to give your mattress the thorough treatment it requires.

If you’re ever tempted to try and handle bed stains on your own, you’ll want to prevent some of the most frequent mattress cleaning mistakes. Read on to find out what these are.

What are some common mattress cleaning mistakes?

4 Mistakes To Avoid When Cleaning Your Mattress

When you strip off the bedding to deal with the most recent spill in your bed, you might uncover a mosaic of different stains that you hadn’t even noticed before. To avoid damaging your mattress and causing further complications, it’s very important to know exactly how to treat these stains. And here’s what you should keep away from:

#1 Using water to clean your bed

Whenever there is a spill anywhere around the household, common sense tells you to reach for water and some kind of detergent to wash it off. This, however, is a huge mistake when it comes to treating mattress stains. Causing additional wetness to the mattress should be avoided at all cost, as it can damage its upholstery and provide a breeding ground for mould and other hazardous microscopic organisms. 

#2 Using a beater

Most homeowners are well aware of the fact that mattresses contain a lot of dust particles, dust mites, dead skin cells and so on. So, when trying to rid themselves of these harmful allergens, they opt for a good old fashioned mattress beating. This may sound like a good idea, but it’s actually quite the opposite. Not only does it not actually get the allergens out of your mattress, but it is also likely to disperse them into the air, triggering allergic reactions in members of your household who inhale them.

#3 Vacuuming the bed

Vacuuming the bed, of course, is recommended as part of a regular mattress cleaning routine, as it decreases the amount of daily dust and dirt buildup. However, this only works on a superficial level, and it surely isn’t enough to get out all the dirt particles that are deeply ingrained into the thick material your mattress is made of. To fight off this kind of dirt, your best option is to have your mattress cleaned by fully equipped professionals who can provide you with a meticulous steam cleaning service.

#4 Using aggressive cleaning products

Using harsh chemicals to clean your mattress probably won’t give you the results you were hoping for. Not only will they not suffice in sanitizing your bed, but they can also cause permanent damage to your mattress upholstery. Before applying any disinfecting chemicals to your mattress, you should consult the manufacturer’s instructions and use the cleaners as prescribed.

Where can I get the most reliable mattress cleaning service in Dublin?

What are some of the most common mattress cleaning mistakes

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