What Are the Advantages of Wool Carpets?

The choice of suitable carpeting company is a very important element of interior design. It is a rewarding but also complicated task, since it entails picking between a huge variety of materials, densities, colour combinations and so on. Carpet buyers can greatly benefit from doing thorough research before making a purchase. 

If a breathtaking, plush wool carpet has caught your eye and you’re wondering whether it would make a good pick, read on to learn how you may benefit from buying a wool carpet. Don’t worry about the wool getting soiled – although it will happen after a while, just like with any material, the best carpet cleaning service in Dublin can efficiently take care of every kind of dirt or staining.

What are the benefits of wool carpet?

Wool is a highly coveted carpet material, known for its beauty, durability and more. Find out why manufacturers of synthetic carpets try to mimic this lovely material:

  • Appearance: One of the most obvious perks of wool carpets are their exquisite looks, which will compliment your space and make a great impression on visitors. 
  • Environmental benefits: Wool is an all-natural material, which is obtained by shearing sheep’s fleece once a year. As such, it’s renewable and biodegradable.
  • Resilience to staining: Wool carpeting is resistant to wear and tear, as its microscopic structure impedes dirt particles from sticking to it. Wool carpets can also be cleaned with many different methods.
  • Easy maintenance: With wool carpets, cleaning isn’t a problem, since it’s antimicrobial and naturally repels dirt as well as staining.
  • Resistance to wrinkling: It keeps its form because its coiled fibres spring back into shape after they are stepped on.
  • Insulation: It will lower your heating and cooling costs because it keeps air from escaping.
  • Safety: Wool carpets aren’t easily flammable, so they will keep your family protected from fires. 
  • No allergies: As they don’t attract dust mites, mould and other allergens, wool is the right choice for allergy sufferers.

How long should a wool carpet last?

Wool is well-known for its hard-wearing nature. It is a strong, natural material, which successfully resists outside influences. A well-kept wool carpet may retain its great looks for up to 20 years and won’t cost a lot to clean. However, to achieve such longevity, your carpet will require careful, pristine maintenance. So, a lifespan of about 10 years is more realistic, especially if it is laid in high traffic areas. 

Is wool carpet hard to clean?

Wool is durable and stain-resistant, so it isn’t difficult to clean. Its thickness can also mask the dirt that does accumulate. However, wool carpets can fade if an unsuitable cleaning solution is used on them. These carpets also have a propensity for shedding, so it does have to be vacuumed often. Find out more about why wool carpets may shed and how to deal with this disadvantage of wool. 

Also, don’t forget to research how to disinfect a wool carpet because disinfection is one of the most important precautions to stay protected from COVID-19.

What is the absolute best carpet cleaning service in Dublin?

If you’re the owner of a lovely wool carpet and you notice that it has lost its former shine, you can rely on Emerald Carpet Cleaning to save the day. We are a team of trained carpet cleaners who know how to eliminate old staining from a wool carpet and solve other carpet cleaning conundrums.

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