Which Carpet Cleaning Method Should I Choose?

Carpeting takes up a large portion of our spaces and serves as a focal point in all areas of the house. Fresh, neat and comfy carpets are a cherry on top to every carefully decorated room. But what should you do when your carpets begin looking scruffy? If you’re thinking of ways to improve the appearance and cleanliness of your carpets, consider hiring dependable carpet cleaning services.

Determine what carpet cleaners service is right for you, contact the leading experts in the field and treat your carpeting to a fantastic makeover. There are many reasons why you should book professional carpet cleaning. Your home will look more beautiful than ever!

Which is better: steam cleaning or shampooing a carpet?Which is better steam cleaning or shampooing a carpet

Many wonder whether homeowners should hire professional carpet cleaners. For now, this is the only absolutely reliable way to have pristine carpets and there are several carpet cleaning techniques offered on the market. They give different effects and fit different preferences, so choose carefully when deciding on the method that will be used on your carpets:


This was one of the first carpet precleaning methods invented. Shampoo is applied and a rotating machine is used to rub it into the carpet in order to produce a thick foam.

There are some downsides to carpet shampooing, such as the fact that some foam is left behind after the cleaning is done. This shampoo residue can even make dirt stick to the carpet more easily, which is how carpets get very dirty. Also, your carpet can even be ruined if shampooing is performed by an unskilled cleaner.

Steam cleaning

This is the most popular and most successful method of carpet cleaning nowadays. It takes advantage of the power of hot water in order to force out dirt from the deepest layers of the carpet. Then, dirt, allergens and germs are extracted along with the water. This kind of cleaning is highly efficient and, unlike with shampooing, there is no residue.

Consult outstanding carpet cleaning specialists which technique is the most suitable for you and they’ll gladly give expert advice.

Does shampooing ruin carpets?

Carpet shampooing can be damaging, especially if done improperly. One common type of damage is causing wool shedding. Most damage occurs due to these common mistakes:

  • Over-shampooing: When too much shampoo is used on the carpet or when it isn’t rinsed in full, sticky residue stays on the carpet and aids further soiling.
  • Over-wetting: If water is applied in excess, it dampens the bottom of the carpet, which can lead to the growth of mildew and mould.
  • Placing furniture too soon: If you opt for carpet shampooing, you can’t be quick with putting the furniture back on the carpet. Depending on the finish of your wooden furnishings, they could leak dye when placed on a wet carpet. Items made of metal could leave a rusty stain.

Avoid the pitfalls of carpet shampooing by leaving it to a competent professional or choosing an altogether different cleaning method.

Is steam cleaning or dry cleaning better for carpetsIs steam cleaning or dry cleaning better for carpets?

Both types of cleaning have advantages and disadvantages:

  • Dry cleaning: This method entails placing a powder detergent onto the carpet and vacuuming it along with the dirt. It doesn’t require any drying time but the harsh chemicals used can irritate those with respiratory problems.
  • Steam cleaning: This is probably the most reliable kind of cleaning, which will also help eliminate odours and eliminate dirt deeply by using a combination of hot water and a cleaning agent. It involves less harsh chemicals, so think of protecting Ireland’s Environment when booking your carpet cleaning.

Where to look for the most trustworthy carpet cleaning services in Dublin?

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