How Do I Deal With Wool Carpet Shedding?

Many homeowners choose wool as the material of their carpet as it has many benefits because it’s a natural, durable material and a good insulator. On top of this, it is dirt-resistant and has hypoallergenic properties, which all makes its maintenance a breeze. However, the downside to owning wool carpeting is its tendency to shed.

If you are planning to purchase one of these beautiful carpets, learn in advance how to cope with the shedding of a wool carpet and why it happens. Also, you can depend on some of the best carpet cleaning services in Dublin for careful upkeep of your prized possession. Taking good care of a wool carpet is truly worth it because you won’t need to replace a well-maintained carpet any time soon.

Why does wool carpet shed?

If you have a wool carpet, the chances are you will experience some shedding sooner or later. Here are the possible reasons why:

  • The structure of wool: Wool is prone to shedding due to the properties of the wool yarn. However, normal shedding in quality wool carpets shouldn’t be too obvious. If you notice that the shedding has significantly increased, it probably isn’t due to the structure of wool yarn, but because of something else. 
  • Your carpet is brand new: New carpets are especially known to shed, which is the result of the carpet making process. Longer yarns are cut off from the carpet after it is manufactured. This is done in order to get the carpet to its intended pile height. Some of the cut off pieces may remain between the carpet’s fibres, which creates the impression of shedding. And always check the prices before you book.
  • You have a tufted carpet: Traditionally, carpets were made by weaving on a loom, which is difficult and time-consuming. These days, more carpets are produced by tufting, which means that fibre is inserted onto a base with a tufting gun, and then glued onto a backing layer. Some tufts can detach over time, resulting in shedding.

How often should you vacuum wool carpet?

Cleaning wool carpets in Dublin

Before you become a proud owner of a wool carpet, find out the ins and outs of its maintenance. Only this way will your carpet retain its looks and softness in the years to come. For example, discover if wool carpets are hard to clean, what is the best guide to wool disinfection or how often to vacuum it. Along with other benefits, proper maintenance of household items curbs the spread of COVID-19. For more information on this, read the World Health Organisation’s information on the transmission of COVID-19.

Vacuuming is one of the most important elements of wool carpet upkeep. As a rule of thumb, you should vacuum at least once a week. If your carpet is shedding because it is new, you can vacuum even more frequently. This way, the loose fibres will be eliminated before foot traffic transfers them everywhere in the home. Don’t use a beater bar attachment on wool. Although they are effective on synthetic materials, they can be too rough on wool.

How do I hire one of the absolute best carpet cleaning services in Dublin?

Regardless of how thorough and regular you are with vacuuming, wool carpets will require professional cleaning once a year. When it’s time for expert services to take over, reach out to Emerald Carpet Cleaning. Our qualified technicians will dazzle you with superb cleaning results every time. While we work on your wool carpeting, visit Corkagh Park for some fresh air.

We’ll be happy to explain how to get rid of old stains on a wool carpet and do it for you with our tried and tested method. We’re easy to get in touch with and dedicated to getting the job done. Contact us today for the best wool carpet maintenance services in Dublin!

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