How Much Does it Cost to get Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned?

Lots of people have dust allergies, and those who have been to a doctor about that allergy are often told not to vacuum their carpets. That’s the excuse many people use to leave their carpets dirty. Those with severe allergies may not even bother sweeping regularly because of how the dust particles being kicked up into the air can affect their allergies.

What people may not realize, however, is that not cleaning your carpets can cause severe health problems. There is not just the increased risk of your allergies becoming triggered, but there are a host of other health problems that dirty carpets can create.

Do carpets get dirty faster after cleaning?

If you take the necessary precautions then you can ensure your carpet doesn’t become dirty again for a very long time. The first step is to make sure that you let it dry completely before stepping on it again. Secondly you need to use a carpet protector solution or post-treatment such as Scotchgard. This helps repel water and dirt that may otherwise get stuck to the fibers of your carpet.

The deeper and thicker the carpet, the more secrets it is hiding and the more important the pretreatment and precleaning is. These are not delightful family secrets, but rather hidden insects, dandruff, allergens, pet hairs, nail clippings, dust, dirt, mold and more. These things are sequestered away inside the fibers just waiting to be released. And every time you walk across the carpet, some of them get kicked up into the air. A few of them, like mold, will release spores when foot traffic makes their way across their hiding place. Those spores can spread through the air, causing an allergic reaction and heading off for new parts of the house to settle down in and start growing.

Let’s take a moment to look at mold, as it is hot topic in home cleaning these days. We are starting to learn just how dangerous this organism can be, and it needs to be eliminated as soon as it is found. But if the carpets are not being cleaned regularly, then no one is getting rid of the mold.

Do carpets smell after cleaning?

Whenever water spills onto the carpet and it isn’t completely dried up, it creates a welcoming environment for mold an odours. There are likely mold spores travelling through your home right now, and they are just waiting for the perfect opportunity to settle down and dig in. If they find some water in an out of the way place, such as deep in our carpet, then they will be able to flourish. That’s why it is so important to dry out your carpet as soon as water or some other liquid spills on it. If you don’t, you are making a wonderful home for mold to enjoy.

If you let your carpet dry properly after getting it steam cleaned then you will have no problems with it smelling bad. Bad smells are caused by poor ventilation causing the carpet to stay damp for a long period after cleaning.

The experts at Emerald Carpet Cleaning say that mould is a health problem whether you have allergies or not, as it can cause muscle pain, flu-like symptoms, gastrointestinal issues, fatigue, immune system problems, headaches and visual impairment. It will be worse for small children and the elderly than for the average adult, but it is potentially dangerous for everyone, and you want to get rid of it as soon as you can.

The other things hiding in your carpet can be just as bad. If your carpet isn’t cleaned regularly then there is likely some animal feces there. Most of that’s from insects, but it can also be caused by lizards, rats, mice and even birds. It may not be in large enough quantities for you to see, but even small particles of feces can cause all sorts of health problems.

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Do carpets smell after cleaning

Does carpet cleaning damage carpet?

If you hire professional carpet services and well trained technician then your carpets will not be damaged by steam cleaning. This is where the specialised knowledge of a carpet cleaner comes in very handy. They will know exactly what method to use for maximum results with zero risk of damage.

You may look at your carpet and tell yourself that it doesn’t look that bad, but much of what we have been talking about here is going to be small, almost imperceptible particles. You may not see them on your carpet and you may not know that there are health hazards hiding within it, but if you have not cleaned your carpet in months, then there are potential health risks just waiting to attack you from your carpet.

That may sound extreme, but for many people with health problems, the dangers of an unclean carpet are extreme. Anyone who has allergies, which is sick or infirm or who is very young or elderly will be at risk for severe health problems emanating from carpets that have not been cleaned.

So, how often should you clean your carpet, then? We recommend cleaning it once a week with a vacuum to keep it smelling its best. Also, whenever you see a spill on your carpet, it should be cleaned up right away. The longer you wait to clean your carpet, the more likely that spill is going to seep into the carpet and become difficult to clean out.

If it is a dry spill, then the crumbs or particles can get down into the fibers and offer food for pests or create friction that tears up the carpet whenever someone walks on it. Wet spills can create mold, like we discussed, but they can also have sweet substances in them that are attractive for pests. They can also destroy your carpet over time, and they create clumps or erode the carpet material.

Cost to get Your Carpets Professionally CleanedHow often should you clean your carpet?

We recommend a professional cleaning at least once a year. If you live in a house with pets or lots of kids (or both) then you need to have it cleaned more often.

Once every six months will work well for most busy households, but if you believe your carpet needs an expert cleaning more often, then go for it.

The more often you clean your carpet, the harder you make it for pests and mold to take up residence there. You also ensure that particles cannot get down deep into carpet as easily.

Best of all, by regular cleaning, you can ensure that your carpet and curtains are cleaner and free from many of the health hazards that could be polluting your home. Just keep those carpets clean to enjoy more breathable air and a safer home.

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Remember that simply cleaning the carpet on your own is not going to be enough to keep it a hazard-free area. You probably don’t have the kind of deep cleaning tools required to really get down inside your carpet and get rid of all the particles, stains and liquids hiding inside the carpet. That’s something that only a professional carpet cleaning company in Dublin can do.

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