Area Rug Cleaning 101: How to Keep Your Area Rugs Clean at All Times

Installing a nice area rug is an excellent way to tie a room together, but it’s not going to do your decor any favours if you let it get dirty. As with every other part of your house, the only way to prevent this from happening is by giving your area rugs regular cleanings

But what’s the best way to clean your rugs? Is vacuuming enough to keep a cotton rug clean, or do you also have to wash it? Can you do it yourself, or should you use a professional eco carpet cleaning service in Dublin? 

Read on to learn the answers to these common questions about rug cleaning

How do you clean an area rug?

Area rugs should be vacuumed regularly and spot-cleaned whenever they become stained. However, this approach can only work up to a certain point. Eventually, you’ll need to resort to more in-depth cleaning methods. 

How you go about cleaning your area rug depends on its size, the material it’s made of, and the type of floor it’s on. 

Here’s how to clean different types of area rugs: 

Cotton and synthetic fibre

Small cotton or synthetic fibre rugs can simply be run through the washing machine. Use a cold setting and a slow cycle, and leave it to air-dry afterward. If your rug can’t fit into the washing machine, you’ll need to take it outside and deep clean it. 

Here’s how to do this:

  • Step #1: Thoroughly vacuum both sides of the rug.
  • Step #2: Roll up your rug and take it outside. Hang it over a porch railing or a fence, and keep whacking it with a broom until all the grime comes out. 
  • Step #3: Lay the rug on a deck or a tarp, and clean it using an appropriate carpet shampoo. Make sure to follow the instructions on the bottle if you haven’t used this shampoo before.
  • Step #4: Soak up as much of the water as you can with a towel, then leave the rug for 24+ hours on a laundry drying rack.
  • Step #5: Give both sides of the rug another vacuuming. 


When cleaning wool rugs, follow the same steps outlined above, but make sure to rinse your rug with a damp sponge before you dry it. There’s no need to vacuum a wool rug again at the end of the cleaning. 

Bamboo, sisal, and jute

These rugs can be damaged by water, it’s best to avoid deep cleaning them. Simply vacuum both sides of the rug, and use a mix of laundry detergent and warm water to blot out any stains.

How often should area rugs be cleaned?

Under ideal circumstances, area rugs should be deep cleaned once a year. However, factors such as increased dust build-up (for instance, if you live near a major thoroughfare such as the O’Connell Street), presence of cats and dogs, and increased foot traffic can make more frequent cleanings necessary.

Needless to say, if your rug has got mouldy or infested by dust mites, you should have it deep cleaned as soon as possible. 

Where can I book dependable eco carpet cleaning in Dublin?

Cleaning an area rug can be an exhausting and time-consuming task, so why not let the experts deal with it while you focus on your other obligations or simply enjoy some free time with your loved ones?


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