Can You Steam Clean Curtains?

Can You Steam Clean CurtainsNot only can you get your curtains and drapes steam cleaned, you should. It’s the most effective way to clean them and restore them back to how they looked and smelled when new.

Curtains have numerous important functions that extend far beyond just making a window look nice. They also block excessive light and make a home cooler by filtering out sunlight. They are also an important method of blocking dust, pollen and other pollutants from entering the home. Because curtains are made from fabric, they need to be cleaned often to be effective and to look appealing. This is especially true of curtains, since they often function as dust collectors. By doing their job, they accumulate dust faster than many other fabrics in the home, and steam cleaning your curtains is the best way to get them looking great without using chemicals that can harm them or you and your family.

By using a steam cleaner to beatify and sanitize your curtains, you can kill germs and make your fabric last longer. Your home will be a healthier place to live as well. We want to look at some of the best reasons to go with steam cleaner over other methods of curtain cleaning. You could always hand wash them or use a vacuum cleaner, but we think steam cleaning is the way to go, and we will show you why.

How do you clean dusty curtains?

If you are using a steam cleaner on your curtains, you can get of all the dust mites hiding in them and remove all allergens. That’s pollen, mould and other irritants that can lower your standard of life and cause flu-like symptoms in even the healthiest of people. Steam cleaning completely kills dust mites, which often hide inside fabric and feed off dead flakes of human skin. Their droppings can cause people to suffer from severe asthma symptoms, and you can avoid all that by using a steam cleaner on them. They will be killed instantly by the cleaner, and they are only one of many allergens you will be preventing from causing health problems.

Your curtains are the ideal hiding place for many pathogens, allergens and other particles. The folds not only provide a warm and dark place for them to rest, but also trap in moisture and make it hard for you to notice their accumulation.

Beyond just eradicating allergens, steam cleaning also gets rid of or kills many types of bacteria. It’s a quick and simple way to effectively terminate all sorts of pathogens that could be hiding in your home. Many of these come in through the window or are passed off onto the curtains by children and pets. But this type of cleaning will remove bacteria from the curtains or simply kill it, all while effectively getting rid of dirt and dust.

cost to get curtains cleanedHow much does it cost to get curtains cleaned?

The prices can vary by the number of curtains and the material they are made from. Some require much more care which takes longer. Others can be especially dirty and will require more than one treatment.

You don’t need to use any harmful chemicals when you steam clean. While many cleaning machines or cleaning methods do use chemicals that can harm the environment, your fabric or you, steam cleaners use water. If you want to clean in a way that is safe for children and pets and that protects the environment, then steam cleaning is the way to go. There are no hazardous components used in the cleaning process and no fumes or odors are created as you clean. There is also no harmful residue left behind after cleaning, so you don’t need to worry about your children playing with the curtains after you have made them dust free. There is no safer way to clean your curtains.

If you hire a professional carpet cleaner company to take care of your curtains, then you can leave your home and visit one of the many attractions around Dublin, like Dublin Castle for example. When you return they will be restored to their former glory. If you want to know the cost of getting carpets cleaned this article will tell you.

What curtain cleaning service in Dublin is the best quality?

If your curtains or drapes are looking dark, dull or even yellow then it’s time you hired a professional company to take care of them for you. Emerald Carpet Cleaning cover the entirety of Dublin city and county and have a 5 star rated service. Their teams of qualified and skilled professional curtain cleaners love nothing more than putting smiles on their clients faces.

The best thing is that you really don’t need to be there for it. So you can go off and enjoy yourself while your curtains are being cleaned. Visit the Dublin City Council website if you are stuck for ideas on what to do with your newly discovered free time.

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