The New Top Rated Company for Carpet Cleaning in Dublin 13: Baldoyle, Bayside, Donaghmede, Clongriffin, Sutton, Howth

If you are looking for the best carpet cleaning Dublin 13 company, you’ve found us! Emerald Carpet Cleaning is a trusted brand among local customers. We guarantee an affordable service that provides fresh-smelling, stain-free, and germ-free furniture.

Ask our satisfied customers who have no qualms awarding our professionals with five-star reviews.

We service these areas in Dublin 13: Baldoyle, Bayside, Donaghmede, Clongriffin, Sutton, Howth and Ayrfield.

Need a Trusted and Reliable Carpet Cleaning Service?

Our services are popular all over Dublin because of the exceptional cleaning services that take into consideration the unique needs of our clients.

To ensure you get the best results from our carpet cleaning Dublin 13 services, we inspect your carpet to determine the best cleaning strategy and equipment for the project. We then use our unique blend of eco-friendly, family and pet-safe products to eliminate dirt, stains, germs, and odours from your carpet.

It’s a fantastic service that leaves your carpet pristine and ensures the whole family enjoys its comfort for years to come.

Premium Grade Rug Cleaner Service

Rugs are a fantastic addition for improving the aesthetics and comfort of a room at home or work. The true beauty and luxury of a rug are only evident when it is in prime condition, however. Our rug cleaning services restore a comfortable and clean environment for you and your guests.

Old or stubborn stains are not a problem for our experienced professionals who have tackled these issues countless times over the years. We have the specialised products and equipment to fix this issue within minutes, and we are only a phone call away.

Upholstery and Sofa Cleaning Services

The upholstery is where the beauty lies. Our upholstery and couch cleaning services are available to keep your furniture clean and maintain its intended aesthetic.

We have the specialised equipment and cleaning products to eliminate stains and dirt while protecting the vibrant colour of the upholstery. Call us for affordable upholstery cleaning services, and enjoy your car seats, and home or office furniture for longer.

Our services can be tailored to fit the design or fabric of your furniture, whether it’s a leather sofa, cotton, linen, or some other material. Our team has the expertise to provide quality furniture care at your convenience.

Why Choose Emerald Carpet Cleaning?

We are the only professionals in Dublin 13 you can trust to eliminate dirt, dust, stains, and other unwanted elements from your curtains without compromising their aesthetic appeal. Contact one of our friendly technicians today for a free estimate on quality cleaning services from professionals who care.

Our experts don’t need any supervision meaning you’ll have time free to visit some of Dublin’s top sights such as The National Museum of Decorative Arts and History and the Hugh Lane Gallery.

Our thorough cleaning service also eliminates fleas, bugs, microbes, odours, and other elements in your carpets, mattress, and upholstery alleviating the discomfort and negative impacts on your health.

Our custom carpet, furniture, curtain, and mattress cleaning services are tailored to suit the unique needs and budgets of each client, and our services are the best in the region.

Our team of cleaning experts specialises in delivering excellent services to improve the hygiene and comfort of your home or office carpets and furniture. Contact the best curtain cleaning and carpet cleaning Dublin 13 company today to sanitize, freshen, and restore the beauty of your premises.

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